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The Greegrox are a race in Star Control: Origins. They live on the Ancient One, which moves around in pursuit of his egg. As such, the homeworld of the Greegrox can be found based off the date until they are allied by Humans.

Location of the Ancient One
Date Location
Beginning of the game Alpha Gladius A
24 January, 2089 Gamma Spica
29 May, 2089 Pi3 Orionis
1 November, 2089 Beta Lynx
3 February, 2090 Alpha Mus
11 October, 2090 Eta Chaudhary

Background[edit | edit source]


Interactions[edit | edit source]

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Relationships[edit | edit source]

Faction Relationship Aggressiveness
Drenkend Neutral Neutral
Human Unfriendly Neutral
Measured Neutral Neutral
Menkmack Unfriendly Special
Mowlings Neutral Neutral
Mu'Kay Neutral Neutral
Phamysht Neutral Neutral
Pinthi Neutral Neutral
Scryve Neutral Neutral
Trandals Neutral Neutral
Tywom Neutral Neutral
Xraki Enemy Cowardly

Achievements[edit | edit source]

The following achievements are related to the Greegrox: