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Alien races populate the galaxy far and wide, with unique appearances, social orders, technologies, and views on humans trespassing on their territory.

Main races[edit | edit source]

  • Drenkend: Scryve fodder race. Homeworld Drenkapon in Alpha Uxor.
  • Greegrox: Mysterious space fish. Homeworld is migratory.
  • Human: Fairly self-explanatory. Homeworld Earth in Sol.
  • Measured: Scryve race. Homeworld Delta Domos I in Delta Domos.
  • Menkmack: Shifty race of tricksters. Homeworld New New New Whatever Menkmack in Pi3 Orionis. Buys living and dead Critter.
  • Mowlings: Cute, cuddly, and accident-prone. Homeworld Moop in Delta Xiphops B.
  • Mukay: Aquatic squid-like race. Homeworld Mu'Kayaan in Beta Pavo.
  • Phamysht:Ela Rise in Beta Ishikawa A.
  • Pinthi, bacterial race. Homeworld Alpha Acroix I in Alpha Acroix:
  • Scryve: The Scryve were one of the last races to belong to the Faction of Eight, and are widely known to have despised it for its cruelness and decadence. Hording advanced weapons for themselves, the Scryve destroyed all other members of the Faction, and in its place created a more open, benevolent system where young civilizations would be allowed to develop naturally on their own terms. The Scryve appear to be large carbon-based lifeforms with a centaur-like body. It has been difficult to get much information beyond this due to their propensity for ceremonial armor as well as other more urgent reasons. Homeworld Scryveno Seat in ?.
  • Trandals:
  • Tywom: The Tywom are a carbon-based life form extant in our local region of space with many similarities to mollusks. They have four arm-like appendages, none of which are evidently used for propulsion, and an ever present oozing sap to their persons. Tywom appear to be highly intelligent and sociable creatures, though perhaps in need of some social coaching. Homeworld Tywomia in Alpha Repeculae.
  • Xraki:

Other races[edit | edit source]