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Star Control: Origins has 76 achievements that can be earned.

Name Description
One Small Step.jpg One Small Step Start the campaign.
Away Crew.jpg Away Crew Successfully land on a planet.
Red Shirts.jpg Red Shirts Lose a lander on a planet.
Face Plant.jpg Face Plant Land outside the landing zone.
The Codex.jpg The Codex Open the codex.
Boldly Going Somewhere.jpg Boldly Going Somewhere Enter hyperspace for the first time.
Exo-Explorer.jpg Exo-Explorer Discover a new solar system.
Hail Mail.jpg Hail Mail Hail 10 alien vessels.
Poacher.jpg Poacher Kill an innocent alien critter.
Stellar Cartography.jpg Stellar Cartography Open the Sector map 10 times.
Technophobe.jpg Technophobe Kill a drone.
Put Your Feet Up.jpg Put Your Feet Up Use auto-pilot 10 times.
First Contact Tywom.jpg First Contact: Tywom Meet the Tywom.
First Contact Scryve.jpg First Contact: Scryve Meet the Scryve.
First Contact Kzanti.jpg First Contact: Kzanti Meet the Kzanti.
First Contact Mu'Kay.jpg First Contact: Mu'Kay Meet the Mu'Kay.
First Contact Mysterious Aliens.jpg First Contact: Mysterious Aliens Meet the Mysterious Aliens.
Uncomfortable.jpg Uncomfortable Wymdoo joins your crew.
First Contact Norast.jpg First Contact: Norast Meet the Norast.
First Contact Drenkend.jpg First Contact: Drenkend Meet the Drenkend.
First Contact Menkmack.jpg First Contact: Menkmack Meet the Menkmack.
One Percent.jpg One Percent Have 50,000 RUs in the bank.
First Contact Mowlings.jpg First Contact: Mowlings Meet the Mowlings.
First Contact Trandals.jpg First Contact: Trandals Meet the Trandals.
First Contact The Measured.jpg First Contact: The Measured Meet The Measured.
Meat Trader.jpg Meat Trader Sell 20 pieces of critter meat.
First Contact Jeff.jpg First Contact: Jeff Meet Jeff.
Rainbows.jpg Rainbows Discovered a rainbow world.
First Contact Greegrox.jpg First Contact: Greegrox Meet the Greegrox.
Ice Road Spacer.jpg Ice Road Spacer Find one ice world for the Mu'Kay.
Took The Bait.jpg Took The Bait Accept the Trandals' upgrades.
Cuddler.jpg Cuddler Find a better way to cuddle.
First Contact Pinthi.jpg First Contact: Pinthi Meet the Pinthi.
Plain Ribbon.jpg Plain Ribbon Lose a Fleet Battle.
First Contact Phamysht.jpg First Contact: Phamysht Meet the Phamysht.
Set to Stun.jpg Set to Stun Stun 10 Critters.
Earful.jpg Earful Can you hear me now?
Sad Face.jpg Sad Face Make the Tywom cry.
Trapper.jpg Trapper Sell 20 live critters.
Kzanti Killer.jpg Kzanti Killer Defeat 10 Kzanti ships during the campaign.
Ovoid.jpg Ovoid Collect one special egg.
Trainee.jpg Trainee Win your first Fleet Battle.
Graduate.jpg Graduate Win a Fleet Battle without losing ships.
Flu Shot.jpg Flu Shot Become infected by the Pinthi.
First Contact Xraki.jpg First Contact: Xraki Meet the Xraki.
Shipwright.jpg Shipwright Create a ship in the ship builder.
Voyager.jpg Voyager Visit 100 star systems.
Humans Are Survivors.jpg Humans Are Survivors Complete the main campaign.
Are You Proud Of Yourself.jpg Are You Proud Of Yourself? Win the game in a mostly benevolent manner.
Battle of Mars.jpg Battle of Mars Win the "Battle of Mars."
Deep Space.jpg Deep Space Win "Deep Space."
Athara.jpg Athara Win "Athara."
Callum's Deep.jpg Callum's Deep Win "Callum's Deep."
Maelstorm.jpg Maelstorm Win "Maelstrom."
Mu'Kay Captain.jpg Mu'Kay Captain Win a Fleet Battle match as the Mu'Kay.
Tywom Captain.jpg Tywom Captain Win a Fleet Battle match as the Tywom.
Xraki Captain.jpg Xraki Captain Win a Fleet Battle match as the Xraki.
Mysterious Captain.jpg Mysterious Captain Win a Fleet Battle match with these mysterious aliens.
Mowlings Captain.jpg Mowlings Captain Win a Fleet Battle match as the Mowlings.
Greegrox Captain.jpg Greegrox Captain Win a Fleet Battle match as the Greegrox.
Pinthi Captain.jpg Pinthi Captain Win a Fleet Battle match as the Pinthi.
Scryve Captain.jpg Scryve Captain Win a Fleet Battle match as the Scryve.
Carnivore.jpg Carnivore Collect 100 meat.
Fancy Ribbon.jpg Fancy Ribbon Lose 10 Fleet Battle matches.
The Measured Captain.jpg The Measured Captain Win a Fleet Battle match as the Measured.
Phamysht Captain.jpg Phamysht Captain Win a Fleet Battle match as the Phamysht.
Commander.jpg Commander Win 10 Fleet Battles.
Drenkend Captain.jpg Drenkend Captain Win a Fleet Battle match as the Drenkend.
Master Cyborg.jpg Master Cyborg Win a Fleet Battle on the hardest difficulty.
Menkmack Captain.jpg Menkmack Captain Win a Fleet Battle match as the Menkmack.
Trandals Captain.jpg Trandals Captain Win a Fleet Battle match as the Trandals.
Kzanti Captain.jpg Kzanti Captain Win a Fleet Battle match as the Kzanti.
Admiral.jpg Admiral Win 100 Fleet Battles.
You Did What You Had To.jpg You Did What You Had To Win the game in a not terribly benevolent manner.
Best-est Ribbon.jpg Best-est Ribbon Lose 100 Fleet Battle matches.
Copycat.jpg Copycat (secret) Enter "Kirk" as your captain's name. Don't get us in trouble.